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About the Project

The primary objective of the „Professional teacher of Polish. Practice and Personalisation” project is to design and implement a new core study programme for students of Polish philology with teaching specialisation. It will be run at the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University between 25 February 2019 and 30 November 2023.

The aim will be attained through:

  • development and application of a new study programme addressing current social and economic expectations as well as the needs of the labour market. It will also meet such major challenges as migration, technological advances, new means of communication used by digital society and professional requirements employees have to comply with,
  • mastering the ability to personalise and differentiate within the teaching context and to assess learners’ needs and potentials; improving problem solving techniques along with interpersonal, social, multicultural and glottodidactic skills of teachers-to-be; increasing the usage of information and communication technologies in education and strengthening future teachers’ and their learners’ motivation to develop creativity. The project will take advantage of foreign practices used by colleges and universities offering teacher training courses. It will incorporate such well-established methods as CLIL, PBT, peer education, team teaching, educational autobiography or portfolio into the study programme,
  • one-to-one tutorials aimed to identify and verify an individual student’s potential to work as a teacher,
  • designing innovative teaching tools allowing each and every student self-development and self-reflection in the course of their studies and later enabling them to facilitate their learners’ progress during their own future teaching careers,
  • forging links and cooperation among academic teachers, students and all types of schools, especially vocational and special ones as well as Polish supplementary schools operating abroad,
  • There will be 270 students taking part in the Project, both women and men, completing undergraduate and postgraduate Polish philology studies with teaching specialisation.
  • Results expectedIt is hoped the Project will contribute to the development of university students’ indispensable competencies addressing labour market requirements as well as economic and social needs.

       Project value
       The total value – 3 618 537,10 PLN

       The EU fund
       The project is co-financed with European funds – 3 049 703,07 PLN